Israel & the Palestinians: A Nation of Law vs. A Culture of Violence

These past several weeks have been painful ones for both Israelis and Palestinians.  After the tragic deaths of the 4 teenagers – 3 Israeli and 1 Palestinian – they find themselves teetering on the edge of a third Intifada and all the bloodshed that will be born of that path.  Yet the very forces that may drag them down that darken road point out in harsh relief the fundamental differences between the two peoples that continue to make a peaceful settlement of their conflict, if not impossible, nearly impossible.

In the shadow of these brutal murders, once again Israel is proving itself to be a nation of law while the Palestinians are proving themselves to be a culture of violence. Two terrible tragedies – the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli youths and the kidnapping and murder of a Palestinian youth. The murder of the Israeli youths was carried out by two operatives of Hamas – a criminal terrorist organization which targets Israeli citizens – while the murder of the Palestinian youth appears to have been carried out by some individual Israeli extremists.

Two different responses. Yes, both people are filled with rage over the killing of their children, but while the overwhelming majority of the Israelis call for justice in BOTH cases, the Palestinians celebrate the death of the Israelis and call for vengeance in the death of the Palestinian. While Israel conducts a criminal investigation in BOTH cases, the Palestinians go to the streets and violently riot in response to the death of their own young man. While Israel identifies suspects in both cases, and arrests Jewish suspects in the case of the Palestinian, the Palestinians seem to be hiding the suspects in the case of the Israeli youths.

While feelings are running high and a cousin of the murdered Palestinian who happens to be an American citizen of 15 years of age is brutally beaten by MASKED Israeli police officers, Israel commits to investigating and exacting punishment upon those responsible for this CRIME. Yet when it comes to reports of Israelis being beaten by the Palestinian rioters, those who did the beating are considered heroes by their fellow Palestinians.

One final compare-and-contrast: One of the murdered Israeli youths was an American citizen and the beaten cousin of the Palestinian murder victim was also an American citizen. Throughout the entire period of two weeks when Israeli forces were conducting an intensive search for their 3 youths, the American government, and particularly the State Department, was silent about the affair, even in spite of the fact that they were repeatedly called upon to speak out concerning the abduction of an American citizen. Now, no sooner is the American cousin of the slain Palestinian – who happened to be participating in a violent riot attacking Israeli police officers – beaten by some of the very officers being attacked, than the State Department is quick to announce it dismay over such treatment of an American citizen. It would seem that where the State Department is concerned, not all American citizens are equal. The kidnapping and murder of a Jewish American citizen by operatives of Hamas is not worthy of their attention, but if some Israelis officers beat up an Palestinian American citizen who was participating in a street riot, this is simply something the State Department will not tolerate. Then people wonder why the current U.S. administration has lost all credibility in the eyes of the Israelis.

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2 Comments on “Israel & the Palestinians: A Nation of Law vs. A Culture of Violence”

  1. Diane Says:

    Anything coming out of the whore of Babylon media is a distorted lie. Israel is a people that kill women, children, civilians without impunity. They claim “victim” status and perpetrate horrendous evil deeds on innocent people. They are of their fathers seed. They are the offspring of cain and there are people that do know the truth about them and their true history. I am proud of those in countries that are protesting the slaughter of people of Gaza. It is time to start speaking out against the atrocities that is the legacy of the offspring of cain.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. When people tell me that antisemitism is a thing of the past and that opposition to Israel – anti Zionism – has no relation to antisemitism, now, as a response, I can show them your comment, for you are a full blooded, dyed in the wool, antisemite who parades her antisemitism – her hatred of all Jews simply because they are Jews – in the political garb of anti Zionism. “They are their father’s seed. They are the offspring of Cain”? That, my lady, is unadulterated antisemitism. You are a bigot, through and through. As such, two more things can be assumed about you; 1) That your bigotry probably is not restricted to Jews, for most purveyors of hate tend to be equal opportunity haters. You probably also hate people of color, foreigners, gays & lesbians, and maybe even Catholics. If you are not a Muslim, chances are that you hate Muslims as well, even as you “defend” the Muslims of Gaza. 2) That you are a terribly unhappy person who has an extremely low self esteem. You are so unhappy and feel so bad about yourself that the only way that you can feel better about yourself is by turning to bigotry to paint a picture of the innate inferiority of others, so that you can believe that there are others on this planet over whom you are superior. But that is an illusion – and you probably, in your heart of hearts know that is an illusion. You do not have an inferiority complex. You are simply inferior – the lowest of the low. You are that way, not because God made you that way, but rather because you have chosen to be that way. You made yourself that way when you chose the path of hatred rather than hope.

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